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Jesus states we are to share the solutions to the mysteries only with those who are sincere in their quest.


Sacred Teachings of Jesus Christ 105:3

3. And the Saviour answered and said unto John: "If it is a brother who is not play-acting, but in truth longeth after God, if ye have given him many times the mysteries of the beginning and because of the necessity of the elements of the Fate he hath not done what is worthy of the mysteries of the Light-kingdom, then forgive him, let him pass through and give him the first mystery which is in the second space. Perchance ye win the soul of that brother...

Books of Jeu 43:1-3

1. "These mysteries which I shall give to you, guard them and do not given them to any man except he (who) is worthy of them.

2. Do not give them to father, or mother, or brother, or sister, or relative, or for food, or for drink, or for a woman, or for gold, or for silver, or for anything at all of this world.

3. Guard them and do not give them to anyone at all for the sake of the goods of this whole world. Do not give them to any woman or to any man who is in any faith of these seventy-two archons, or (to those) who serves them.


Therefore, we will only grant access to Episode 03 and the bonus material to those we have a Conscience Level Assessment Score (CLAS) similar to W. Iamwe, when she received the solutions for the mysteries, and based on the commands Jesus stipulates throughout the Sacred Teachings. 



Access to the Vource Conscience Level Assessment is viewable after Episode 02.
You must have an active Vource Account and an active Media Subscription - or you can purchase the Amen Code paperback to read the solutions.



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